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WordPress is the most popular web blogging application designed for anybody. It is an open source software written in PHP and MySQL. This free to install, and use application has a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support. It has some cool features like a plugin architecture and a template system. The templating system includes widgets that can be organized without editing PHP and HTML code. WordPress also contains themes that can also be installed and edited for more customizations. WordPress is a search engine friendly, integrated link management system that have some unique features like automatic filters for formatting and styling, nesting multiple categories to articles and allowing users and developers to extend its functionality beyond the features.


Deploying Wordpress on a hosting environment can be done using various methods. Users can now download the current version from Wordpress.org. They can easily upload the source code and its dependencies to their hosting environment. The user-friendly installer and extensive documentation have made it very easy and feasible to install Wordpress nowadays.
Another option of installing Wordpress is via package management system or a ready-to-use turnkey Wordpress appliance which is fully automatic. Hassle free installation indeed!

The next method that can be opted to install Wordpress is through Microsoft Web Platform Installer which installs it on Windows and IIS. The Web PI allows to detect any missing dependencies like PHP and MYSQL before installing Wordpress.

Nowadays, users can also download Wordpress to their server and regularly update them using SVN. This is one of the easiest and most updated method.

Last, but not the least, there are many free hosting service providers that offer users to deploy Wordpress blog online without even installing Wordpress on the web server. There are even shared web hosting services that offer automated Wordpress installation through their control panel.
Whatever option or method of deployment you opt for, Effectz will assist you to make your Wordpress experience memorable and exciting always!

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