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The main features of the PHP scripting language include the following:

  • All about PHP:Open Source PHP is a server side scripting and open source language that allows you to do anything from collecting form data, receiving and sending cookies to generating dynamic page content.
    PHP script is mainly used in the following three areas:
  • Server side scripting: To make this work, you need a PHP parser, a web server and a web browser. This type of scripting is the main field for PHP. You need to operate the web server that has a PHP installation, the output can be assessed with a web browser.
  • Command Line Scripting: For this, you need only a PHP parser with or without a web server or browser. This type of scripting is useful in executing cron (on Linux) or Task scheduler (on Windows).
  • Writing Desktop Applications: Although not a good option to create a desktop application with a GUI, but we can make use of advanced features of PHP in your client side applications.
    PHP is widely-used, free, efficient and powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive web pages.
    Main features of PHP:
  • Compatibility: PHP offers compatible solutions with leading operating systems and web servers that helps it to run easily on different platforms and almost all servers used today. PHP is easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server side.
  • File Handling: PHP can be used to generate files in various formats like PDF and XML. Files can be easily uploaded and stored on the server using file manipulation functions. These documents can be accessed through PHP code, which can also be used to perform basic file and directory maintenance tasks remotely.
  • Improved Performance: Another exciting feature of PHP is its compiler properties which reduces the size execution time of the code which results in improved performance. There are various PHP accelerators like xcache, eAccelerator etc. using which the compiled code can be cached. This reduces time spent in parsing and compiling the code every time.
  • Debuggers: There are several debuggers available with PHP that enables developers to identify and analyze the code for potential bugs and bottlenecks.
  • Sessions: With a more sophisticated website, the code also becomes more advanced. When the website requires the user data to pass along from one page to another, it might require the start of using PHP sessions. A normal HTML page cannot pass data from one page to another i.e. all information is lost when new page is loaded. A PHP session solves this problem by storing the information on the server for later use.
    PHP provides extensive session and cookie management features and functions for the creation and development of personalized web pages.
  • Graphics: PHP can be used to develop images and graphics dynamically. The header information can be accessed easily using the image functionalities available in PHP. There is a GD library that includes a number of features and functionalities to create images in different formats like gif, jpeg and png.
  • Extensible: PHP source code can be modified to include custom created extensions.

Advantages of PHP

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