Features of Joomla

  • Fully database driven site engines
  • One can easily edit and manage the news, products or services sections using Joomla
  • Any author can add new topics/ sections
  • One can customize layouts including left, center and right menu boxes as per specifications
  • It allows the browser to upload images to your own library for use from anywhere in the site
  • It provides dynamic Forum/Poll/Voting booth for on-the-spot results
  • Runs on Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris and AIX
  • Supports many international languages and UTF-8 encoding.

Advance Administration:

The Joomla! Advanced administration manager is the extension which changes the way the module manager works. Below are some of the interesting features and functions of this advanced manager:

  • The advanced administrator menu is the simple utility extension for the Joomla administrator. It allows to change the order of objects including news, FAQ's, articles etc.
  • Object hierarchy – as many sections, departments, divisions and pages as you want.
  • It allows you to create as many menus as your screen resolution will allow.
  • It offers a new and advanced random Newsflash generator
  • You can access remote author submission module for News, Articles, FAQ's and Links
  • It offers complete access to your image library that allows you to store all your PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs and JPEGs online for easy use.
  • It provides an automatic path-finder. Place a picture and let Joomla! fix the link itself!
  • The available news feed manager allow you to choose from over 300+ news feeds from around the world.
  • The in-built archive manager allows you to store your old articles into cold storage rather than throwing them out
  • Email-a-friend and Print-format function for every story and article
  • It has an in-line text editor quite similar to Word Pad
  • Provides a user editable look and feel
  • Online Polls/Surveys can be put on a different page.
  • It allows you to design custom page modules to add more appeal to your site.
  • The Template manager allows you to download templates and implement them the way you want.
  • You can preview the layout before making it live.
  • The Advert manager allows you to put third party banners on your site and make money. An easy way to market your site products or services!
  • It has the option to not to show modules that have no output.

The Joomla Advanced Administration manager is an addition to support the external and backend features of your website.


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