ASP .Net

ASP.Net is the next generation ASP which is an entirely new technology for server-side scripting. The ASP.Net is a software development platform which is a part of Microsoft .NET framework. It is based on virtual machine that runs on Intermediate Language (IL). ASP.Net is a powerful tool to create dynamic and interactive web pages.

The ASP.Net is a program that runs on IIS (Internet Information Services) which is a Microsoft Internet Server. This IIS comes as a free component with Windows servers and is also a part of Windows 2000 and XP Professional. .NET framework provides a contemporary, insightful, object-oriented API. C#, VB.NET and C++ compilers are accessible from Microsoft for developing IL. .NET has given new functionalities and tools to the application programming interface. These improvisations facilitate the process of developing applications for Windows, as well as for web services.

ASP.NET framework is an environment for building, deploying and running applications and web services. While ASP is flexible programming language, but not an application framework or an enterprise development tool. To solve this problem, Microsoft introduced ASP.Net framework.

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